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Microsuction For
Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction is a procedure carried out by a trained Health Care Professional to remove wax from the ears in a safe and gentle way. It uses a very small suction tube to gently “vacuum” out the excess wax from the outer ear canal. Magnification eyewear is worn during the microsuction procedure allowing enhanced vision into the outer ear whilst the wax is being removed. This ensures a safe and effective treatment.

Microsuction treatment usually brings instant relief from the symptoms caused by excessive ear wax build up.  Occasionally a follow-up microsuction treatment may be recommended if the wax is very compacted.  Some people may find the procedure a bit noisy and slightly uncomfortable, but it should never be painful.

Wax Softeners

National guidelines recommend that ear wax should be softened before it is removed.  One or two drops of medical grade olive oil should be instilled into the outer ear twice a day for 3-5 days before wax removal. This allows the wax to be removed more easily.

Please do not use wax softeners if you have or suspect you have a perforated ear drum.

Ear Wax

Ears are usually self-cleaning, and wax makes its own way out of the ear. Ear wax protects the ear canal by trapping dust and foreign bodies.  It also helps to lubricate the ear and has natural anti-bacterial properties.

Excessive build up of wax can sometimes occur.  This can cause troublesome symptoms and may affect hearing and balance. Microsuction treatment can safely remove the wax to promptly relieve symptoms.

The Ear Care Nurse

About The Ear Care Nurse

Vicky O'Doherty BSc. RN

Is a Registered Nurse and has completed her microsuction training with Rotherham NHS Ear Care and Audiology Services, a highly regarded centre of excellence for ear care training. 

Vicky has previously worked as a Lead Practice Nurse in a local GP surgery where ear wax removal with water irrigation was part of her role. She currently works in the NHS as a Specialist Community Nurse and is a Nurse Prescriber.

Minimum age for treatment: 16 years


Digital Otoscopy

The Nurse will use a digital otoscope, placed lightly into the entrance of the ear, to obtain an image of the outer ear canal before and after the microsuction treatment.  She is happy to explain these images to you.

ear wax removal newbury


(Payable when no wax is present)


(1 ear)


(both ears)


All treatments include a digital view of the ear canal and ear drum before and after the procedure

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